France Kyokushin

C'est la reprise pour les clubs France Kyokushin!

Les clubs de France Kyokushin sont à nouveau ouverts pour la pratique du karaté Kyokushinkai, dans le respect des règles sanitaires en vigueur bien évidemment.

Vous cherchez un club? Consultez notre carte de France des clubs.

Les Dragons de Saint Pancrace

Les Dragons de Saint Pancrace

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Les voeux de Kancho Matsui

We hope this correspondence finds you in good health and spirits. Honbu would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication through difficult times in 2020. We look forward to having a healthy 2021.

Honbu wishes everyone a happy and safe new year.

Kind regards
IKO Honbu

Les voeux de kancho Matsui, karaté Kyokushinkai IKO

Maxime Demeautis VS Morgan Denis

Revivez le combat de Karaté Kyokushin remporté par Maxime Demeautis face à Morgan Denis, lors de la soirée Championnat d'Europe EBU des moyens du 10 octobre 2020, au Palais des Sports de Caen.

Kancho MATSUI, annonce coronavirus


Dear IKO members,

I hope all of you are maintaining your health and safety.

Coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world since the beginning of 2020, with nearly every country on earth affected. I would like to send my sincere condolences to the families of those who have passed away and wish all who are infected to get well quickly. My deep respect and gratitude go out to the medical professionals and first responders, who risk their lives 24/7 in this global battle.

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Clubs en France

carte de France des clubs affiliés à France Kyokushin

Découvrez les clubs de karaté Kyokushinkai en France à l'aide de notre carte interactive.

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