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34e European Weight Kyokushin Tournament : informations in english

Please find in attachment all files for the 34th European Weight Category Karate Tournament which will take place from 22 to 24 May 2020 at Lyon in France.

  1. the planning of tournament.
  2. the list of categories and rules that will be applied during tournament.
  3. list of hotels which apply promotion for tournament.
  4. file to complete (and send by email) to pass examination (from Shodan to Yondan), during training at Monday May 25.
  5. file to complete (and send by email) to pass judge or referee diploma.

o pay online (discount), please write an email at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. with this information:

  1. List of competitors (first name, last name)
  2. Number of coaches
  3. Number of visitors
  4. Completed file ‘Examination Form.xls’ (if necessary)
  5. Completed file ‘Judges Application.xls’ (if necessary)
  6. Number of entries for the Sayonara

In answer you will get a link to pay with PayPal.

Useful information :

Web site:

Email : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

WARNING, book hotels quickly, place are limited (we do not manage hotels, please use links in web site or in files).

Voeux du bureau de France Kyokushin

Je vous souhaite pour cette année 2020,
La santé du corps et la paix de l’âme,
Des rêves qui fleurissent au grand jour,
Des petits pas et de grandes épopées,
Des bulles de joie et des bonheurs simples,
La saveur du temps retrouvé,
La sérénité tranquille de ceux qui ont trouvé leur essentiel,
Et de l’amour, envers et contre tout.

Prenez soin de vous et de tous ceux qui font de chaque instant de votre vie un moment précieux.

Belle et lumineuse année 2020.

Season greetings from IKO Honbu

Season greetings from IKO Honbu

We hope this correspondence finds you in good health and spirits. Honbu would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication in 2019, and the successful 12th World Open Karate Championship, 2019 Women's World Open Karate Championship and World Elite Karate Championships. We look forward to having a great 2020 and seeing you at the 2020 IFT. Honbu wishes everyone a happy and safe new year.

P.S Honbu headquarters office will be closed from Dec.28 to Jan.5, 2020.

Kind regards
IKO Honbu

Résultats du 2019 World Elite Karate Championships

1 Nikita Rosin (Russia)
2 Alexander Zubarev (Russia)

1 Andrei Gerasimov (Russia)
2 Dmitrii Shcherbakov (Russia)
3 Andrey Filippov (Belarus)
3 Ariel Miszkiniuk (Poland)

1 Seyed Kamel Mohammadi (Iran)
2 Frank Maiava (New Zealand)

1 Mikhail Agafonov (Russia)
2 Alibek Gadzhikurbanov (Russia)
3 Denys Leonchikov (Russia)
3 Lukasz Moczydlowski (Poland)

1 Evgeny Prudnikov (Bulgaria)
2 Ihor Zhosan (Ukraine)
3 Arnaud Nekam (France)
3 Yuuya Yabui (Japan)

1 Andrei Khokhriakov (Russia)
2 Seiji Inou (Japan)

1 Magomed Tsakhaev (Russia)
2 Ryoutaro Matsumoto (Japan)
3 Alireza Khalili (Iran)
3 Anton Berry (New Zealand)

1 Konstantin Goryushkin (Russia)
2 Tetsuo Sugai (Japan)
3 Hiroaki Katori (Japan)
3 Kevin Maber (New Zeland)

1 Konstantin Koganovskiy (Russia)
2 Shigeru Arai (Japan)

1 Kiichi Ishii (Japan)
2 Pavel Kachanov (Russia)
3 Andrzej Czoipinski (Poland)
3 Douglas Bandeira Cabral (Brazil)

Master Class 40-44 yr. +80kg
1 Michal Krzak (Poland)
2 Wojciech Zmija (Poland)

Master Class 45-49 yr. +80kg
1 Norio Uchida (Japan)
2 Tadateru Sano (Japan)

Master Class +50 yr. +80kg
1 Sylwester Sypien (Poland)
2 Jean Pierre Naude (South Africa)

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